Victims of alleged fraud want their money back

DADEVILLE, AL (WSFA) - A Dadeville couple claims more than $1300 was withdrawn from their account without their consent from addresses in the United Kingdom.  But they claim their bank won't cover the lost funds.

Harrison and Sandra Caputo run Cablebusters, a satellite company off Highway 280 in Dadeville.  They discovered the mysterious withdrawals when the bank notified them their business account was overdrawn by $800.

"We don't know how it happened, we don't know where it came from," Sandra Caputo said.  "We don't know if it's off an ATM card, they hacked our bank account, we have no idea."

The Caputos reported the unauthorized withdrawals to Aliant Bank.  They said they were surprised to find the funds were not protected.  The Caputos claim Aliant would only cover the overdraft fees that were incurred.   Officials pointed to the fine print in the account's contract.

"Under no circumstances would we be liable for special or consequential damages involving business accounts," Sandra Caputo said as she read from the contract.  Caputo said they were not made aware of the clause in the contract when they opened the account.

"I have never encountered this situation with any bank," Harrison Caputo said.

WSFA 12 News contact Aliant Bank for a response.  A spokeswoman, Dianne All, said she could not comment on this specific case because of privacy regulations.  All said that Aliant takes cases of fraud very seriously.   She went on to point out that the regulations that cover consumer and business accounts are slightly different.  And she said Aliant's policies fall in line with those regulations.

All said consumers and businesses can protect themselves by diligently checking their accounts and by making sure all online transactions are secure.

That's little comfort for the Caputos.  They said the small amount of money they say is lost has a big impact on the business this time of year.  It's slow in the Winter, and picks up in the Spring and Summer.

"To us that was a lot of money, because we can use that for truck payments and insurance and things like that," Harrison Caputo said.

For now, the Caputos said they filed a police report.  They continue to weigh their options as they wonder if they'll ever get their money back.

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