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Center Point takes a direct hit from severe weather


Some of the worst damage from Monday's severe weather happened in the Center Point area.

Storms damaged several businesses along Highway 79 near Winewood Road. Back in the Winewood subdivisions, daylight revealed dozens of trees lying on top of houses and windows blown out of homes. The homeowners were just happy to be alive.

On the other side of Center Point, the storm damaged several businesses along Highway 75. The shopping center at 25th Avenue took a direct hit, as did precision tune automotive and several other businesses.

The animal clinic on Center Point Parkway had part of its roof peeled back. Thankfully, all of the dogs and cats inside survived, though some did escape. The escapees were all found hiding under a cabinet in the shelter. The animals later rescued by the Jefferson County Emergency Management Agency and taken to four other clinics.

Two animals at the clinic were just spending the weekend. One was picked up by its owner on Monday morning and the other will spend time at the clinic's owner's house so it can continue to be treated for diabetes.

Efforts to clean up the area began immediately after the storm Monday morning, but as history has taught us all too well, the cleanup will take some time.

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