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Organizing your electric cords

According to a recent Pew Research study, over half of all young adults own not only a cell phone, but a laptop, an MP3 player and a game console. That makes for a lot of devices that need charging. Our Home Design Expert, Kahi Lee, has an easy solution to eliminate all the cord clutter that comes with it.

"I don't know about you," says Kahi, "but if you are anything like me your nightstands and end tables become catch-alls for everything. And it's only gotten worse with all of our handheld devices that need charging. So to get rid of some of this mess, I have a quick fix that won't cost you anything."

Most people charge their devices overnight. Now wouldn't it be great to charge your device in a drawer out of sight? But how do you get the cords to reach the device?

Simple: You make a hole in the back of your nightstand.

In order to make a hole in the back of the nightstand, you are going to need a drill and an inexpensive hole saw attachment. Now, make sure that your hole saw will make a hole large enough for your cords to pull through. You also want to make sure that your drawers are open before you start drilling, so that you don't accidentally go through the backing and the back of the drawer.

NOTE: When you are selecting a spot for your hole, you want to pick the side that's closest to the outlet.

"You may not consider yourself handy," says Kahi. "But believe me, anyone can tackle this simple project!"

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