Campaign report to show where GOP race stands

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - New campaign finance figures come out next week that will show where the candidates stand in terms of raising money ahead of Alabama's March 13th Presidential Preference Primary.

Federal reports show Republican candidates have already raised a lot of money from Alabama donors.

The reports run through the third quarter of 2011 and provide a snapshot of the race before a number of candidates dropped out.

According to the latest federal reports filed, Mitt Romney raised $228,116.  After that, it's a steep drop-off, to Rep. Ron Paul's total of $77,662.

Newt Gingrich raised $10,000, and Rick Santorum, $1,246.  Other candidates that raised a lot of money have dropped out of the race.  Herman Cain raised $26,300 and Texas Governor Rick Perry raised $25,900.

The new reports that will be filed will give a better look at where fundraising stands in the race, especially after other candidates picked up momentum.

You can access the Federal Election Commission's website here.  Click on Presidential Elections, and then Alabama to see where the candidates stand in our state.

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