To close school or not...that was the question

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Floyd Middle School student, Blake Mills, spent half the school day at work with his mom.

"He shreds paper, he's done a couple other things and he's run the battery down on my cell phone," says Leigh Armstrong.

"I was just excited and happy to get out of school," says Mills.

He's one of 32,000 children who were released around noon after Montgomery Public School officials decided to close school because of bad weather.

"I had to leave work and go pick him up and he had to spend the rest of the day with me here," says Armstrong.

MPS administrators tell WSFA 12 News, the rough weather was expected to hit Montgomery during normal dismissal time. They say they couldn't risk releasing thousands of children during the height of the storms.

"It could have been when the storm come through and hit us," says Mills.

Even though the storms might not have been as severe as officials expected, they believe they made the right decision when it came to closing school or not. Many parents agree.

"I totally trust his decision," says Tracy Harmon referring to Elmore County's superintendent.

Her children go to Elmore County Schools. At first, administrators were going to release them early. But then, they changed their minds minutes later--believing the students were better protected at school.

"I feel much safer with them in these buildings that are made to withstand these storms than I do even at my own home," says Harmon.

"Even though it was an inconvenience to many parents, you have to take extra precaution when you're responsible for other people's children," says Armstrong.

Parents and school administrators say the recent storms and tornadoes last April have everyone on high alert. That's why some were a little more anxious to release early.

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