Editorials: Storm Safety

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - More than 30,000 children were released early from school this week due to the storms that pushed through our area.  These severe weather events call for school officials to make some serious decisions in a short amount of time.

Sending children home early is never an easy call. There must be careful deliberation over whether the students would be safer at school then home; if there is enough time before the storm hits to get on and off the road safely; if parents can make arrangements to leave work in time to get their kids out of school to a safe place – just to name a few.

We applaud all area school officials for the decisions you made and will need to make in the future.  Whether you decide to send them home or keep in them in school – we know these decisions are big ones and you have our support.

Ultimately – we as parents can decide what is in our child's best interests – but it's reassuring to know our school systems don't take these storms or our children for granted.

We appreciate and encourage your feedback.

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