Montgomery park a site for multiple sex arrests

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Over the past month, Montgomery police have arrested 17 men at Lagoon Park for either public lewdness or loitering for immoral purposes.

Police tell WSFA 12 News the men were engaged in sex acts in a wooded area in the back of the park.

Nearby residents say it shouldn't be happening in a public place - secluded or not.

"Doesn't need to go on in a public park period. No matter where it is in Montgomery," says Jimmy Wood.

"I was surprised," adds another neighbor named Sonny.

News of the arrests stunned him, especially since Sonny walks his dog in the park everyday.

"I haven't seen it or witnessed it myself," he says.

It was back in the wooded paths where police say the illicit activity was taking place. But when they found out about it, they immediately put up "No Trespassing" signs letting the offenders know they were hot on their trail.

"If somebody's monitoring the situation and they can show an improvement, I'd feel better about that," says Sonny.

Montgomery police say the men were typically there between 8am and 6pm. They're keeping a close watch on the woods and believe the signs are working.

"There's softball and golf, and those people don't need to be in this area," says Wood.

And even though children frequent the park, officials say the men kept to themselves and had no contact with kids.

Still, police want everyone to know their safety is top of mind.  It's a relief for Wood.

"Keep showing up. Keep showing up until it stops," he says.

Police say parents should not be concerned about taking their children to Lagoon Park. They assure visitors the area is safe.

Montgomery police say three men between the ages of 29 and 82 were arrested at the park around midnight Wednesday.

This is an ongoing investigation.

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