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myZone Headphones - "Does it Work?"


Sharing the living room or bedroom with someone that's trying to read or go to sleep while you're trying to watch TV can only spell trouble.  The myZone Headphones could melt those troubles away by wirelessly transmitting your TV sound straight to your personal pair of headphones.

The headphone set comes with two parts: a transmitter and the headphone receiver.  The transmitter takes two AA batteries and hooks into your TV or cable box.  But, before you run out and buy a set, know this.  It connects to your system using RCA adapters, so make sure the TV or cable box has red and white audio OUT jacks.  Without these or another adapter, you won't be able to put the myZone to use.  The on/off switch on the transmitter helps to save batteries when not in use.  The headphones are simple too; they require two AAA batteries and are adjustable to fit your head.

With the transmitter plugged in and on, I place the wireless headphones on my head.  Then, I turn the volume knob to the on position and roll it up to get the volume level I desire.  At first, the signal is weak but by pushing the middle scan button, I am able to find a frequency that allows me to hear the TV without any static.

The sound is crisp, clear, and in stereo.  I move toward the back of the room and sit down.  The sound quality continues to remain high.  I can hit the reset button and scan through a few more frequencies if I begin to hear any static.

To test the range of about 100 feet, I walk out of the room until I begin to hear some static, an indicator I'm losing my signal.  Initially, there are no problems, but as I make my way down the hallway with the headphones, I quickly reach a point where I lose the signal.  The range is over 75' but less than 100 feet in this trial.

The myZone headphones work by receiving FM frequency waves, so by hitting the scan button, I can take a journey through my local radio stations. 

This thing is pretty cool and it works as well if not better than I expected.  It's comfortable to wear and light too.  The myZone headphones pump up the volume to a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  The myZone headphones cost us about $20, plus the cost of a pair of AA and AAA batteries.

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