Russell Medical, UAB Medicine form partnership

The Cancer Center at Russell Medical Center announced Tuesday that its forming a partnership with UAB Medicine to enhance oncology services provided in the Lake Martin Area and surrounding area.

"Russell Medical Center has always been a leader in the health care community of Alabama," says Jim Peace, Russell Medical Center President and CEO.  "This joint venture with UAB Medicine is a continuation of the mission of our hospital and provides the stability of cancer services to the area for years to come.  We strive to provide the Lake Martin area with the very best health care has to offer and excellence in cancer care, treatment, research and education and  UAB  Medicine is synonymous with that reputation."

Peace says by entering into this partnership UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center will work closely with RMC's Medical Oncologist and staff to support and grow the local treatment program by providing access to UAB Medicine's best practices in cancer care, broader access to clinical trials, continuing medical education for nurses and oncologists, and access to the latest education about advancements in the treatment and detection of cancer.

"It's important for Lake Martin residents to know that we are not selling our center," says Peace.  "We retain ownership of the building, its contents, and employees will continue to be our personnel."

Peace said a new logo bearing the UAB Medicine brand will be displayed on campus and patients "will, in essence, receive treatments from a UAB Medicine facility without having to travel to Birmingham."

"Our collaboration with UAB Medicine is incredibly exciting," says Mabry Cook, Director of The Cancer Center at RMC. "Our oncologist, Dr. Mary Emily Sheffield, and our staff radiation oncologists have already brought so much to our center through education and effort at UAB Medicine.  The joint venture will further allow our patients greater access to clinical trials and research."

"We look forward to working with Russell Medical Center to leverage each other's strengths and offer access to leading-edge cancer care and research to Alexander City and surrounding communities," says Dr. Edward Partridge, director of the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center and immediate past president of the American Cancer Society Inc.  "UAB Medicine's more than 350 cancer scientists and clinicians are making discoveries every day, and with this new relationship we can increase access to those discoveries in this region, ultimately saving more lives."

INFORMATION SOURCE: Press Release from UAB Medical Relations