Mitt gores Gingrich in Florida,,, - Montgomery Alabama news.

Mitt gores Gingrich in Florida,,,

Mark one up for he KO's Newt in Florida.  We'll break down the numbers and examine what this means for the two frontrunners in the GOP's quest to put a Republican in the White House.

Folks in Greenville showed up en masse tonight to get a close look at the results of a study to see if it's practical to create a city school system.  Our reporter, Melissa McKinney is just back from the Camellia City.  She'll fill us in on the mayor's take on the proposal.

Could there be a revival for a part of the Selma to Montgomery Civil Rights Trail?  Reporter Samuel King was at a westside charette tonight where residents with a vision for that part of Montgomery exchanged ideas about how to revitalize the area.

And, a couple in Millbrook showed their love and affection for friends in need...and that earned them the honor of being this week's Cash For Kindness recipients.  My co-anchor Valorie surprised this week's honorees with a token of our appreciation for their kindness.

Plus, Jeff Jumper updates the rain chances which are increasing as we move deeper into the week.

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