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City leaders seek input on trail corridor

Residents on the West Side of Montgomery got an opportunity to share their ideas for improving a mile long portion of the Selma to Montgomery Trail.  It was one in a series of charettes or intense planning sessions the city has conducted over the past few years, with significant success.

While the design team has its own ideas about the future of the Trail corridor, they wanted to hear residents' questions and suggestions directly.

"Business locations so that it represents that period so that it is not all residential, because that was a major business thoroughfare also," said E. Baxter Morris, pastor of First Baptist Church.

"Those houses and abandoned houses in the street how are you going to come about that," asked one resident.

"Will there be funds allocated to try and help some of those low income homeowners to help bring their properties up to par being that we are doing the trail and people are going to be coming into the area," asked another.

City officials say they will consider these suggestions as they formulate their plans.  Deputy Mayor Jeff Downes said other areas of the city have benefited from residents' input during the charettes.

"We've seen it in Downtown Montgomery, we've seen it here on Maxwell Boulevard, we've seen it in Centennial Hill, and we've seen it on West Fairview," Downes said.

Those areas are showing signs of life.  That gives hope to people who live and work in the area. 

"What happened here along this trail actually reshaped the world and the world politics, so it's important as people come to Montgomery they have a chance to walk where these people walked and be a part of that historic moment," Rev. Morris said.

The design team will meet for another day-long session on Wednesday.  They will unveil the initial plan on Thursday morning.  The full plan should be ready by June, and then the work begins to find money to implement it.

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