Pintlala Teacher is a Class Act

Lisa Hester teaches third grade at Pintlala Elementary, but her influence is felt throughout the school. She worked to prepare the entire faculty for the school system's new emphasis on student reading skills. Hester says, "we are concentrating this year on reading by the end of third grade 110 words per minute and we're also improving their comprehension levels."

Hester tries to incorporate real life experiences in her lessons. She says that helps kids understand. Recently she used basketball to explain gravity. Pintlala principal Jason Lowe says, "even the boys and the girls can relate to a basketball situation and they can not only study it in science, but they can go out in PE and relate it there. And you here them talking about terminology and things as they're making a shot; which is really good. It shows that they understand what's going on."

Hester is the chairperson of Pintlala's courtesy committee. She coordinates baby showers, birthday parties and special luncheons.

Education Reporter: Michael Briddell