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Bake Pop - "Does it Work?"

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The Bake Pop cake pan set is designed to be a fun and easy way to make pops from your favorite cake or brownie mix.  The pan comes in two pieces, with some silicone clamps to hold it all together.  The bottom pan holds the batter.  The top pan completes the mold to form a globe.

Before I start, I want to note the instructions call for a few alterations to that regular box of cake mix.  The goal is to make a denser cake here, so it calls for a box of your favorite pudding, and extra egg, and to trade the water for half as much milk.  With the alterations made, the cake batter mixes to the consistency of let's say cheesecake batter.

A sprits of baking spray with flour on both insides, and I'm ready to pour the cake mix to start baking.  I pour the mix into the base pan molds and spread with a spatula.   I remove the excess batter before securing the top pan with four included silicone clamps.  Finally, I take a shot of baking spray to the top to help remove any spillover which will bake out of the holes in the top.  The pan slides into the oven to bake for 25 minutes.  Oh, bonus, there's enough batter left to make a small cake or to save to make more pops!

After removing from the oven and cooling in the fridge for a few minutes, I peel off the spillover off the top with ease.  Then I remove the top to uncover my perfectly cooked strawberry cake pops!  I use melted chocolate candy coating to secure the provided sticks to the cake and re-chill to harden. 

Meanwhile, I bake the brownies.  The batter is dense enough, so there are no alterations to the box mix.  I fill the eighteen base molds with batter, cover with the top, and clamp the two pieces together.  I add a little more to the molds through the top holes using a bottle filled with brownie batter.

With all the brownie balls cooled and cooked, it's time to decorate using a variety of candy coatings and sprinkles!  The Bake Pop set is easy to use but decorating is a bit messy for a novice.  Heading around the office for a taste test, and I find several satisfied customers.

It looks as if the Bake Pop could help make your sweetheart feel a little bit sweeter if you cook ‘em these treats.  The Bake Pop pan set rounds to a YES with sprinkles on top for this week's "Does it Work?" test.

The Bake Pop pan set ran us a bill of about $20 at a local retailer.  It comes with a top & bottom pan, clamps, and eighteen plastic pop sticks.

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