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Shooting leaves one man dead in Sardis


One man is dead after officials believe an attempted robbery back fired.

Dallas County Sheriff's deputies believe four people were trying to rob a man's home when the homeowner pulled out a gun and started shooting--fatally wounding one of the suspects.

It happened in the Sunshine Village neighborhood in the Sardis community. That's near the intersection of Highway 41 and County Road 30 in Dallas County.

Virginia Earby has owned a small Sardis grocery store for 35 years. She says it's always been pretty quiet there.

"Ya know, we hear different things, but all in all this is a good community."

News of the nearby shooting came as a surprise. Earby was with her grandson when he told her he heard a gun firing.

"My grandson said the deer hunters are shooting...but I said, no, deer season is over."

Next thing she knew...

"We saw all the detectives coming through and I said maybe somebody got shot."

She was right.

"Some of the witnesses in the neighborhood said they heard a pow pow pow pow," says Dallas County Sheriff Harris Huffman.

He says deputies got a call just before 3:00pm about gunshots in the Sunshine Village neighborhood.

When they got to the scene, "someone in the community came and told them there was a body laying in a field probably a quarter of a mile away from here."

Huffman says deputies found 22-year old Dematrias Johnson dead. They believe he may have been one of four men attempting to rob another man's home.

That homeowner claims he started shooting to defend himself and the men started running.

"There's still one on the loose and we'll find him. It's only a matter of time," says Huffman.

Huffman admits nothing surprises him in this line of work. But, a shooting in Sardis comes pretty close.

"This is the first time I can think of that we've actually had an incident of this caliber out here."

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