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Fire Safety Tips


The Montgomery Fire Department came up with some tips on creating a family fire safety plan and what to do to prevent fires in your home.

Fire Safety Plan:

1.  Go through the house and find two ways to escape from each room.

2.  Let your children know, if there's smoke to cover their face, and get out by crawling.  Most fire deaths happen because of smoke inhalation.

3.  Have your kids learn to touch the door knob.  If it's hot find another way out.  If it's not, open it and get moving.

4.   Don't go looking around for toys and pet.

5.  Have a place where everyone should meet.

6.  Never go back inside.

7.   Practice drill once a month and mix in some surprise drills.

Fire Prevention:

1.  Check appliances for frayed cords.

2.  Make sure electrical outlets have cover plates and not to many plugs

3.  Never run wires under rugs.

4.   Read space heater instructions closely and keep them away from flammable items.

5.  Fire places should be cleaned and inspected annually by a professional

6.   Never leave fire unattended.

7.   Practice safe cooking habits in the kitchen.  Never leave food on the stove unattended, turn pot handles inward, never leave towels or combustible materials near burner.

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