A lot of breaking news on this February 3rd (the day the music died...go look that one up if you don't understand its significance).
Montgomery City Councilman C.C. Calhoun was picked up on a DUI charge about 1 this morning.  When he son, a deputy sheriff in Macon County showed up at the jail, he was arrested on a harassment charge.  We'll have even more on this story at 10.
A man was shot in the head in a motel on Air Base Boulevard tonight.  We're on top of this breaking story, too....with video just in to our newsroom.
Maxwell Air Force Base appears to be on track to lose its fleet of C-130's...a part of cuts proposed by the Pentagon.  Hundreds of people work with the 908th Air Wing that flies those big cargo planes.  What happens to their jobs?  We'll sort things out at 10.
The official cause of death is released for State House corruption trial defendant Ray Crosby.  We'll tell you what the coroner found during his autopsy.
And, get ready for an "on-again-off-again" rainy weekend.
Hope you'll join us at 10.
See you on the set.
Bob H.