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County Road 12: Full Service

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From a distance it might look like any other service station.   But when you stop at the pump, you'll see right way, this place is different.   "I've been running this station since 1949," said owner Pete Black.

There are several things you can't do here.  "We are a full service station.   We pump their gas, wash the windows, we don't even let them air up their tires."   That's how the station was when he first bought it, and that's how it is today.

Mr. Black has learned a lot of things during his years at the service station.  But they all come back to some pretty simple rules.  "I believe you have to treat people the way you want to be treated.  My dad taught me, find something you like to do, and do it for yourself.  I enjoy what I do."

While times have changed, his smile and sense of humor are still the same.  "We used to have a slogan here that brake fluid is more important than gasoline.   When you run out of gas you can't go.  When you run out of brake fluid, you can's stop."

But now it's almost time for Pete Black to stop.  Because of new environmental rules set to take effect soon, it would cost him way to much money just to stay open.  Plus his bookkeeper/wife is about ready to retire and do some traveling.   But until the put on the brakes for good this summer, you'll see Mr. Black pumping gas, cleaning windows, and chatting with his customers, just like he's done for decades.

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