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Young, Gifted and Black


During Black History Month we are looking at a new generation of African-Americans benefiting from the strides made during the storied civil rights movement here in Montgomery.

First up, a renaissance of sorts taking shape in the capital city with some talented young people carrying on cultural traditions through fashion, spoken word and music  These are entrepreneurs, thespians and musicians who are young, gifted and black.

Two talented actors get ready to bring to life the "what if" story of a Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X meeting.

Monique Dennis runs the Pure Artistry Literary Café in west Montgomery. "There was nothing like this in Montgomery. You can see something totally different every time you come to a show or play here."

 It's fiction.  The meeting never happened and many of these young people never imagined the chance to bring this story to a Montgomery stage like this, because before now there wasn't one!  They saw a need and filled it with something for people to see and do in the capital city!

Taking a note from the folks who have gone on before them, they hope to make a new generation proud of what they see.

Actor Kalonji Gilchrest will play Malcolm X in an upcoming production at Pure Artistry Literary Café. He says, "we feel like we are doing something big. Like we are part of a movement."

Bringing what was once reserved for the runways of New York, Milan and Paris to a runway near you... The Sway's Way modeling agency is giving these beautiful men and women a chance to express themselves through fabulous fashion.  Many of them have worn couture designs and been featured in national publications and fashion shows.  All thanks to their start right here in Montgomery.

Kenyetta Smiley owns Sway's Way modeling agency and says this is their time. Young people are finding their voice through fashion and self-expression.

Right across the street from the Hank Williams Museum, the sounds of Souled Out ring out into the downtown Montgomery sky and a gracious crowd really gets into it!  In a city so rich in music history, these singer and musicians use new songs to bring a musical message of hope and love.

"I love Montgomery, but we were behind. Now we feel like part of this renaissance!"

And they say it's just getting started.  Watch out world, these folks are ready to entertain you, educate you and make you proud of the talent making its way to a venue or television near you!

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Where to see them...


"The Meeting" A stage play by Jeff Stetson February 18th at 7:00 p.m. February 19th at 6:00 p.m. (Dinner Theater) Pure Artistry Cafe, Montgomery, AL 8th Annual Style Experience March More>>

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