Hillcrest HS Teacher in Evergreen a Class Act

EVERGREEN, AL (WSFA) - It's quiet in Ms. Theresa Salter's classroom on this day, but there's plenty going on.  She's helping her 11th and 12th grade students get ready for a big test at Hillcrest High School in Evergreen.   She's been at the school since the first day it opened.   "I started back in 1989 in the library," Salter said.

She's been teacher for 27 years, but it wasn't her first job out of college.   "After I had children I realized how much I liked watching them learn, most of my family teaches, so I realized I wanted to go that route."

Her main goal is to get these kids to graduate.  She knows what a big difference it can make in their lives down the road.   "You don't know how special it is when a student comes back and tells you how you impacted their life."

Ms. Salter is making a big impact everyday, she's a real "Class Act."

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