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Swivel Store - "Does it Work?"

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Do you struggle to find the right spices in your kitchen cupboard because they're cluttered or buried in the back?  A product called Swivel Store claims that it will not only help bring order to your spice cabinet, but also make them all easier to access.

The Swivel Store is a plastic spice rack with four shelves that requires no installation.  It just sits in your cupboard, keeping all your spices organized and accessible.  But it won't work for everyone, as it has some limitations.  Make sure your cabinet is large enough to contain the unit.  The Swivel Store measures 4"wide by 11" tall by 11" deep.  The packaging claims that it can store up to twenty spice bottles, five per tier on each rack.  The spices must be of a smaller size too.  The space in the rack can hold anything with a base diameter of less than 2" and a height of less than 5".

I begin to place my items into the base of the Swivel Store and they all fit well.  I can fit five per slot as advertised.   The instructions suggest placing the heaviest items in the back.  Also, it suggests all items are distributed evenly amongst the both racks, especially if you don't fill it completely.  These tips are designed to keep the unit from losing balance and tipping over.

Once the racks are stacked with my spices I confirm the Swivel Store can store, but can it swivel?  The racks glide along the base of the unit, swiveling only when fully extended.  So I slide out the first rack and with a twist I am able to easily swivel to gain access all of the spices on the rack.  The same goes for the other side.  You can only slide one rack at a time.  The spices come off the rack just as easily too, which is a huge plus.

This thing would definitely be a quick and easy way to clean up that spice shelf with minimal effort or loss of space in the cupboard.  Just make sure you buy the right sized spices to ensure they will fit.  The swivel store effortlessly rounds its way to a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.

The Swivel Store ran us a bill of about $20 at a local store.

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