Dean Outlines a Plan for the Future

Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean, who left the active campaign for the presidency on February 18th, has given supporters a preliminary outline of the future designed to keep supporters involved in local and national politics.

"My staff is absolutely terrified about what I might announce tonight," said Dean, Thursday evening in New Haven, Connecticut.

But there were no endorsements forthcoming as Dean proclaimed that his new organization will be formally announced on March 18 and it will be geared towards "transforming the Democratic Party and changing America."

In a message released to supporters before the speech, Dean outlined the following emphasis for his future organization:

  • Reviving our democracy and bringing new people into politics
  • Supporting candidates and office-holders who tell the truth, stand up for what they believe, and oppose the radical agenda of the far right
  • Fighting against special interests, and
  • Fighting for progressive policies like health care for all, investment in children, equal rights under the law, fiscal responsibility, and a national security policy that makes America stronger by working with allies and advancing progressive American values.

Dean reiterated his previous requests that his followers stay with the Democratic Party and "not be tempted by independent or third-party candidates."

In the released message to supporters, the outspoken former governor did not leave President Bush out of his message, calling the Bush administration "the most radical administration in our lifetime."

Dean says he wants to make sure the Democratic nominee "runs as a true progressive" and says "this is the way to win in 2004.

He asked supporters to continue to attend Meetups and stay involved.

A domain name has been reserved by longtime Dean aide, Kate O'Connor, called which could indicate the name of the future organization.