Tips for Cutting Prescription Drug Costs

Dr. Art Ulene’s Tips On Shopping Smarter for Prescription Drugs

Twenty-five states offer special programs for low-income people with Medicare. Find information about State Prescription Drugs (Rx) Assistance Programs at:

Most pharmaceutical companies have their own national discount programs. For more information, visit:

  • For the best prices, consider buying via the Internet.
  • Consider obtaining a prescription drug discount card. (Check out the free nonprofit warehouse discount card available at:
  • Consider buying in larger quantities and, when practical, pill splitting—many medications cost the same, regardless of the size (dose) of the pill.
  • Ask your doctor for free samples.
  • Check prices on drugs frequently; they are always changing.

Here are a few examples of prescription drug discount programs available through pharmaceutical companies:

Together RX

Joint prescription discount card from Novartis, Abbott, AstraZeneca, Aventis, Ortho-McNeil, Bristol-Myers-Squibb, GlaxoSmithKline and Janssen pharmaceuticals. This card covers more than 150 different drugs.

Pfizer Share Card

Pfizer offers this prescription discount card to seniors, and it covers all Pfizer drugs.

Lilly Answers

Eli Lilly's discount prescription card program is available for seniors and people with disabilities. They offer all Lilly products except controlled substances.

Examples of savings using a prescription drug discount card:

Brand Generic PROZAC 20mg

Retail (Ralphs) $127.42 $41.50
AARP Members' Choice $100.39 $14.90
Nonprofit Warehouse $103.23 $22.26


Retail (Ralphs) $ 46.28 $13.35
AARP Members' Choice $ 38.37 $ 6.88
Nonprofit Warehouse $ 39.07 $ 5.85


  • (For anyone age 50 and over)

  • (A service of The National Council On Aging)

  • (Searches the major online pharmacies for the best deals on prescription and OTC medications.)

  • (Provides information on public and private programs that assist with prescription medication costs.)