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Taking Chris' Hotdogs to the grave...


The owner of a downtown Montgomery restaurant got a request recently that hasn't been echoed in all the legendary hotdog eatery's 95 years of special orders.

It wasn't a call for holding onions, extra sauce or light relish. The special order was for two dogs to go...right into a beloved relative's coffin.

Chris' Hotdogs owner Theo Katechis (pronounced Ca-Tea-Shis) said the request came from a customer whose uncle had just passed away. And while he's gotten requests to send hotdogs and sauce to locations as far away as Germany, the owner says this is a first.

The unidentified uncle held the iconic restaurant in high regards, and his nephew wanted to give him something special as he said goodbye.

Katechis said he decided to buy the man his last two hotdogs, and joked that they would find their way into Heaven with the man. Keeping in mind that eternity can be a long time, Katechis added, "We put this card in there [the casket] for two free ones. He may want them later on."

Chris' Hotdogs is just a stone's throw away from the Alabama Capitol building on Dexter Avenue. It's more famous customers include Alabama governors and countless state politicians looking for a bite to eat between legislative duties.

There's an old saying, "You've never seen a hearse pulling a U-Haul...", and it's often brought up in situations where someone ponders taking something with them to Heaven. A U-Haul really would be over the top in this situation; a to-go box and some extra napkins would do nicely.

"Wrapped them up good...for the long journey," Katechis said with a laugh. Bon appetite! 

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