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TIme to do it all over again...

Hello from the WSFA 12 Newsroom!  Hope you had a good day.  We've been busy on a couple of fronts downtown: the State House corruption retrial and the state legislature.

At the Federal Courthouse, the jury has been selected.  As of about 6:30 the last name was agreed to by both the prosecution and the defense.  Tonight, we'll find out what happens next.

From the legislature, Gov. Robert Bentley's Finance Director admitted there could be layoffs with the budgets her boss submitted to state lawmakers.  You see, there's a BIG hole in the General Fund Budget...more than a half-billion dollars - which may mean some of its agencies could lose nearly a quarter of their budgets.  And, the school budget is down, too, but not nearly as much. 

A Montgomery neighborhood asks for help in controlling crime.  The circumstances surrounding a weekend homicide - apparently the last straw for many who live near the crime scene.

And, did you know you have cash hanging in your closet?  In a special report, we'll explore how consignment shops are gaining in popularity during difficult economic times.

Plus a new forecast - with COLD nighttime temps - and a slight chance for showers as we head into the weekend.

Hope you'll join us.  I'll see you on the set!

Bob H.

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