Who is NAMI?

Who is NAMI?

NAMI (The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill) is an alliance for families and friends of persons with mental illness. NAMI is a nationwide, self-help organization that provides support, education and information to those who have a relative or friend with a mental illness, and people who have the illnesses themselves.

Among the major mental illnesses are schizophrenia, affective disorders, which include bi-polar (manic depression) and unipolar (major depression), schizoaffective and other disabling disorders. Mental illness is a disease causing disturbances in feeling, relating or thinking. This disease affects people of all ages, races, cultures and socioeconomic classes.

One out of every four families in America has a member who suffers from a serious mental illness; two out of every 100 young adults will be affected by serious mental illness between the ages of 15 and 30. NAMI members are persuaded by current research that schizophrenia and major depressive disorders are biologically-based brain diseases with no known cure or prevention.

However, treatment with medications and social rehabilitation can substantially improve the functioning of persons with these disorders. NAMI advocates at the national level for a system of adequate care and for increased support for research from the federal government and from private sources.

Who is NAMI Alabama?
NAMI Alabama is an organization comprised of local support and advocacy groups throughout the state dedicated to improving the quality of life for persons with a mental illness in Alabama.

The number of such groups is growing rapidly as families become more determined to improve treatment and care for Alabamians with mental illness.

NAMI Alabama links affiliates and members so they can more effectively advocate on statewide issues affecting persons with mental illness. Local affiliates offer support and education and focus on local issues such as housing, jobs, sharing and caring.

NAMI Alabama advocates on the local, state and federal levels to approve legislation that will improve the lives of the persons with serious mental illness. NAMI Alabama works at the state level and shares the overall concerns of all local affiliates and speaks as one collective voice on statewide issues.

Who belongs to NAMI Alabama?
NAMI Alabama is comprised of local affiliates and their members, parents, relatives, patients and ex-patients, siblings, adult children, spouses, friends and professionals. Anyone who subscribes to the philosophy of NAMI Alabama's mission and purpose is invited and encouraged to join.

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