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AG: Be wary of mortgage settlement fraud

Attorney General Luther Strange and Banking Superintendent John Harrison are warning consumers to be wary of scam callers who pretend to represent mortgage holders or government agencies, and who try to get the consumers' personal account information for unscrupulous purposes.

Even before Thursday's $25 billion mortgage servicing settlement was announced, Alabama consumers received phone calls trying to trick them into giving out financial information that could be exploited and abused. Several such calls have been reported throughout the day.  

Attorney General Strange and Superintendent Harrison urge consumers to never give financial account information over the telephone to someone who calls unless they are certain of who the caller is.

They emphasized that government agencies and financial institutions would not call and ask for this information. If someone calls and asks consumers to give their personal information, it is very likely to be a fraudulent scam attempt, they said.  

If consumers are uncertain and want to check, they should contact directly their mortgage holders or the government agency that was claimed to be represented.  

INFORMATION SOURCE: AG Strange's Press Office

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