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Shelf life: How to showcase your books

A bookshelf can be a great addition to any room, but not if it's bursting with clutter. Kahi Lee shows how to transform a messy bookshelf into a designer showcase, without lightening your library.

"If you love your books but you don't love the cluttered bookshelves, I am going to show you a simple and stylish way to display your collection without spending a dime," says Kahi. "First things first, let's clear off these shelves."

If your books are simply heaped in stacks or piles, Kahi suggests organizing them in a way that is visually interesting - for example, separating them by color. You'll also want to keep in mind differing book sizes and shelf heights.

"I have arranged the books from light to dark in color blocks," says Kahi. "Now these are the same books we started with, but because we have arranged them by color, they look much more organized and much more visually interesting. So take a look at your books and see if you can't give your bookshelves a little makeover!"

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