Jennifer Pouncy takes the stand in Alabama corruption retrial - Montgomery Alabama news.

Pouncy takes the stand in retrial

Jennifer Pouncy Jennifer Pouncy

The first witness in Alabama's gambling corruption trial says a deceased defendant never mentioned that he was getting $3,000 a month from an indicted casino owner.

Montgomery "Monty" Feld supervised Ray Crosby before retiring as assistant director of the Legislative Reference Service. Crosby was found dead from natural causes in his Montgomery home on Jan. 29.

Feld testified Friday that Crosby never mentioned he was getting paid by indicted casino owner Milton McGregor.

Feld said the payments trouble him when he found out because Crosby wrote gambling legislation for the Legislature.

He also testified that he wasn't aware of Crosby doing anything out of the ordinary for McGregor.

The 14 charges against McGregor include one accusing him of paying bribes to Crosby for helping him with pro-gambling legislation.

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