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CR 12: Dishes Before you Die in Alabama

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Call them dishes to die for.  The Alabama Department of Tourism just released its new list of "100 Dishes to Eat in Alabama Before you Die."  It features restaurants all over  the state including 5 in Pike County.  We decided to send the County Road 12 team to check out what makes some of these dishes so special.

Our first stop Crowe's Chicken in Troy.  Its been in business since the late 70's.  Its famous dish, the chicken nuggets and special sauce.    "I think it's the sauce that gets them, if you interviewed 100 people 75% would say its the sauce," said Crowe's owner Robert Jones.  I asked him what's in the sauce?  "If I told you that you'd have to come work for me."

Down the road about 10 miles south in Brundidge we walked into the Sit-n-Sip Cafe.  It's pretty easy to see their most popular dish, it's on almost every plate.  The chicken salad sandwich.  "It flies off the shelves here," said owner Mark Kinster.  "We can't guarantee it'll be here by the end of the day."

Having your restaurant on this list can translate into big bucks.  "We will be printing more than 1 million of these brochures," said Edith Parten with the Alabama Department of Tourism.  So how do they come up the top 100 dishes.   "We ask local tourism reps to send us some ideas, and they let us know what people are telling them."   The restaurant owners know how important this can be.    "I think it's the second or third time we've made the list, so we must be doing something right," said Jones.  "A lot of people come here from different places in Alabama," said Kinster.  "They want to go around and try all the places on the list."

100 delicious all over the state, and you can find many of them in Pike County, out along County Road 12.  For a complete list of the 100 Dishes to Eat in Alabama before you Die, here's a link to the website:

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