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Is Dr. MKL Jr.'s dream fulfilled?

How many times have you heard that famous speech with that famous line repeated over and over again?  "I have a dream."

Now have you considered whether Dr. King's dream has been fulfilled?  Some say you only need look to the highest office in the land to see that it has.  Others say look in their neighborhoods and you'll see the opposite.

So we hit the streets of the newly named "Capital of Dreams" in downtown Montgomery where Dr. King and others marched and peacefully protested to see what folks had to say.

Zaradi Baharanyi is a young African-American woman who grew up in Auburn.  She says, "You see them realized in specific areas, but there are a lot of systematic problems that point to it not being realized, not completely and not yet.  But that's not to say they won't be realized in the near future."

Bob Parker owns The Deli in downtown Montgomery.  He thinks that area is a great example of the dream becoming a reality.  "Especially in the downtown area, its' the melting pot for the city.  We all can come work and play here, then go back to our homes.  But I believe his dream is alive and it's exciting to be here in Montgomery right now."

We also used social media to get opinions on whether Dr. King's dream is much closer to reality.

WSFA 12 News anchor Tonya Terry posted the famous speech on her news page and then posted that question.  It's still there if you want to read the comments and join the discussion.  Just go to and search for Tonya Terry WSFA 12 News.

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