What Does Alabama NAMI Do?

NAMI Alabama can help you in the following ways:

  • -  Networks information and disseminates materials about mental illness treatment and resources to Alabama's local affiliates

  • -  Advocates for improved services, treatment and care for persons with a disabling mental illness

  • -  Assists in establishing support and advocacy groups throughout the state so families dealing with mental illness need not feel alienated or alone

  • -  Provides valuable information to enlighten mental health professionals regarding the family perspective.

  • -  Encourages greater research into the effective treatment of mental illness

  • -  Works to eliminate stigma associated with mental illness by providing factual information to the public about the true nature of the disorder and its impact on individuals, their family members, and society at large

  • -  Sponsors conferences and educational programs for individuals with mental illness, their families, health care professionals, mental health providers and others

  • -  Offers various projects and events for consumers of mental health services

  • -  Supports programs and services to meet the needs of consumers, siblings, minorities, and parents of young children and adolescents