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SPLC claims the state is taking food from kids' mouths

Did you notice the sleet falling tonight?  We'll check with Rich Thomas to see how long the precipitation is going to stick around.

The Southern Poverty Law Center continues to press its claim that the state of Alabama is taking food out of the mouths of immigrant kids who are U.S. citizens.  Find out how this alleged discrimination is occurring - and - how DHR is responding.

Folks in Bullock County were shocked when a grand jury indicted the entire County Commission on criminal charges.  Today, all those charges went away...thanks to Alabama's Attorney General.  We'll explain.

More testimony at the State House corruption re-trial at the Federal Courthouse from former Country Crossing lobbyist Jennifer Pouncy.  She testified that she offered millions of dollars in bribes to lawmakers for their support for electronic bingo legislation. 

The personal protection business is booming these days.  Companies make a lot of money selling gadgets designed to help you fend off an attacker.  But do they work?  Before you rush out to buy one or more, see what we found out.

Plus, a number of key high school basketball playoff matchup's tonight...Lanier/Carver, Trinity/M.A. and Auburn/Phenix City...and we've got highlights of all those games...and more in sports with Jeff Shearer!

See you on the set - at 10!

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