Valentine's Day, Pike Road, Tax Hotline Wrap - Montgomery Alabama news.

Valentine's Day, Pike Road, Tax Hotline Wrap


February 14, 2012

Good Morning and Happy Valentine's Day!

What are you doing with your Valentine today? The City of Montgomery wants you to spend it downtown! WSFA 12 News reporter Melissa Johnson has a live report on the special offerings for those wanting to celebrate the holiday!

Plus, a big announcement from the town of Pike Road about their education system. They've hired a man who was once the head of the education system for the entire state to help them get their school system started. More on what Dr. Ed Richardson plans to do for the Montgomery County town this morning on Today in Alabama.

Also, the tax hotline was a huge success as WSFA 12 News and local certified public accountants offered viewers FREE tax advice. We'll have a look back at how the whole program played out live on TV!

Those stories, plus the latest sports, weather and the morning headlines from Alabama and around the world... straight ahead from 5-7am on Today in Alabama!

Thanks for watching WSFA 12 News!

Tonya Terry

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