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Twin Draft Guard - "Does it Work?"


The Twin Draft Guard claims to help seal the inside of your home or interior rooms from the weather on the other side, but "Does it Work?"  Let's find out.

It's made up of two sets of foam tubes that assemble and slide into long pouches in a brown fabric, with a Velcro flap on the end.  This all equates to a pretty quick assembly.  The center of the guard is designed to slide under most doors, so it says.  We have a variety of floor surfaces around the studio to try with our Twin Draft Guard.

I start with a door that sits over tile.  There's a bit of a gap between the door and floor for me to slide my Twin Draft Guard into, so I slide it right into place with an open door.  Before, the draft under the door created by a hair dryer is very noticeable.  After, the paper is nearly motionless on the opposite side when using the hair dryer.  The door slides freely to open and close, holding a pretty good seal of both air and light.

On a door with a lip going from wood to carpet floor, I slip the Twin Draft Guard on with ease.  The door opens and closes with minimal effort again.  Linoleum floors with a metal door, and we achieve the same results as with the other two.  I find a door with small gap over carpet.  This installation proves slightly more difficult due to the tight clearance.  Once it was under though, the door moves freely where the gap was large enough.

We run into an issue on the longer door, where the guard isn't long enough.  The gap was almost as large as the foam inserts too.  As I move the door, the door just rolls right over the Twin Draft Guard.  Lesson learned: make sure your gaps aren't larger than the Twin Draft Guard.  If the door is on the shorter side, the foam cuts easily with scissors to the perfect length.

For the low cost, simple installation, versatility, and draft blocking ability, the Twin Draft Guard doubles up to a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  We found our Twin Draft Guard selling for $9.99 at a local retailer.

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