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Point N Paint - "Does it Work?"

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Taping and draping are all part of the deal when it's time to paint a room.  But now, the Point N Paint may very well make tape obsolete.  That's if it works as promised.

I go to the home of Richard Doss to test out the Point N Paint.  Richard is a diehard New Orleans Saints fan, and he's ready to paint his room black and gold.  We're hoping the Point N Paint makes it faster and easier, with less of a mess.

The package contains two large and two small pads along with holder for the pads and a paint tray.  Instructions are few and simple.  The package claims it can be used with both oil and latex paints.  We're using latex paint for our test.  Richard tapes the wall only to make a line to divide the black and gold paint evenly.

We split the wall into two areas.  I use a paint brush and Richard uses the Point N Paint with the black paint first.  We'll go to work to see which method does a faster job and a better job.  We go to work and Richard easily outpaces me since I need to tape before I paint.

The Point N Paint claims to paint fast without the prep-work of taping.  Even though Richard is moving quicker, a closer look finds the edging claim was lacking.

"The Point N Paint is fairly simple to use and it does get a good amount of paint on the wall," says Richard, "but, as far as edging goes we ran into some problems around molding and electrical sockets.  It's not doing very well against keeping the paint off of them."

Richard tries the smaller pad with gold paint now.  Painting carefully around the light plate, he has trouble getting paint close enough to the plate without painting the plate as well.  Otherwise, clean up of the equipment was easy.  Some soap and water under the sink and the pads are clean.

"Well it was a fairly simple brush to use, but the time saved I'm just going to use cleaning up the mess that it made, so I'm going to give it a no," says Richard.

The Point N Paint mess brings this paint tool a NO for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  We bought the Point N Paint for just under $20.

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