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PediPaws - "Does it Work?"

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The PediPaws is a battery operated rotary file claiming to safely trim the nails of your cats or dogs.  I take the PediPaws to a rescue shelter in order to test it.  Volunteer Phil de Albuquerque, the rescue's owner, helps us with the test today.

So he gathers some of his feline and canine friends.  Phil reads all instructions and inserts two C batteries.  The instructions suggest you first turn on the nail file with your pets around to make sure they are comfortable with the sound it makes.  The cats nearby don't seem to be too concerned with the noise it's making when on.

Our first tester is our pup Rhiannon.  Phil turns it on and begins to file her nails.

"Look Rhiney, look!  See this is nice and safe.  This is going to work out great," says Phil as he comforts the dog.  "See, isn't that nice? She's not afraid of that at all."

Rhiannon seems to be phased very little by the file.  Phil adds some extra pressure and the nail file stops.   A built in safety device keeps you from harming your pets.

Next, we move to our cat Blaze. He doesn't seem to care too much, but he does notice something out of the normal is nearby.

Phil says, "He doesn't have a problem with it."

While it may take some additional time and training for your pets, the device seems to safely trim as it promises.  There's a guard on the file with an opening for the nail.  We found that larger dog's nails may not fit in the hole to use the file.  But overall, our pets today let us file their nails without trouble.

"It really is for anybody who has a dog or a cat who has never done this.  It did a fine job on the cats, and it did a fine job on the dogs."

The PediPaws nails it with a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  We bought our PediPaws for $19.99.  Our two C batteries were not included.  All pets have their own personalities that only the owners know best, so remember our results may not match the results you have with your pet.

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