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Rejuvenate Auto 15 Minute Wash & Wax Renewer - "Does it Work?"

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For years, the car gets washed first and then waxed.  Now, the Rejuvenate Auto 15 Minute Wash & Wax Renewer claims to do both in only one step.  It combines cleaning agents and wax in a milky liquid compound.  Get this though.  It requires absolutely no water for use! 

The compound requires an applicator rag and a buffing rag, and our kit comes with two microfiber cloths.   The Rejuvenate Auto claims to clean, restore, seal, and protect your vehicle's paint.  After reading it over, I find two key notes on the product.  It's not to be used in direct sunlight or on excessively dirty paint.

So, I begin with the hood of a nine year old black sedan.  The hood is slightly soiled and has plenty of scratches.  I hit the rag with a few squirts and then spray to the hood with a squeeze or two.  Now, I rub the rag in a circular motion to pull away the dirt while applying the wax.

I notice the dirt is replaced by a light haze.  I quickly buff away the haze with a second rag, leaving behind a noticeable shine!  The superficial scratches disappear as promised, but the deeper scratches are still there.  The hood looks much better and shines, but it's certainly not like new as the product claims.  I continue on a few other spots, finding similar results.

Now, I challenge the 15 minute claim using a sliver sedan.  I set the timer to 15 minutes and go to work as fast as I can applying and buffing all but the windows.  I complete the wash and wax of the car using the Rejuvenate Auto with under 3 minutes remaining on the timer.  The car finish went from dull and lightly soiled, to clean, smooth, and shiny in about 13 minutes.  I was able to remove most bugs and residue without much trouble too.

I cleaned two cars with a third of the bottle.  Keep in mind, the condition of your car may vary from the ones in this test, but for the most part the results matched those of the product claims.  So the Rejuvenate Auto 15 Minute Wash and Wax Renewer polishes its way to a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  The Rejuvenate Auto Wash & Wax Renewer kit cost us just under $10.

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