Bottle Top - "Does it Work?"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The Bottle Top is a reusable plastic cap...for your soda can.  It claims to help avoid spills and hold carbonation longer.  The Bottle Top package contains twelve plastic can lids.  The lids are very colorful, with six different shades.  Colors are to keep you from grabbing the wrong can of soda.  Al you have to do is pop on the top of any soda can, enjoy the drink, and squeeze the can to pop off the Bottle Top.

I went ahead and grabbed two identical cans of soda to test the carbonation claim first.  I applied the Bottle Top to my first can with a quick snap.  I place both open cans of soda in the fridge to sit for a few hours.  We'll see if the one with the Bottle Top in place can hold the carbonation better than the one with the unprotected lid.

Meanwhile, I snap on a Bottle Top to another can of soda.  I find the seal around the lip of the can is leak free.  A quick sip proved that it was just like drinking from a plastic soda bottle. With the cap snapped closed, the soda easily would remain insect free, satisfying the claim.  Knocking over the can proves that carbonation wins with a snap top instead of a screw top.  I find the leak claim to be a bit lacking as soda leaks from the cap, but not as fast as it would have with an open metal can.  A squeeze to the empty can and the top comes off; ready for reuse.

Now I've waited two hours for the cans in the fridge.  I taste the soda in the un-capped can and it's definitely beginning to lose its carbonation with a flat taste to it.  As far as the Bottle Top can, a sip proves that it still has a lot of carbonation in it.

It was a bit difficult to snap the Bottle Top on some full cans without crushing them.  However, with ¾ of our claims met, that's enough for passing grade.  So the Bottle Top snaps to a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  The twelve pack of Bottle Tops cost us about $10.

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