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Bill Cosby lights up the Alabama Theatre


Bill Cosby's fans expected nothing less than a good time at the Alabama Theatre tonight.

"I'm expecting to fall in the floor laughing. Always been so funny," Tracy White said.

Folks say they wouldn't miss a chance to see him in Birmingham.

"He has a certain kind of humor that just wonderful timeless really," Martha Hill said.

Fans stopped before going into the 6 p.m. show to clap and dance as Miles College Band played "The Cosby Show" theme song.

Actress and new Miles College professor Robin Givens introduced the man of the night. Cosby even used her to give the crowd its first laugh of the night.

"If you need me to help you be funny I'm just waiting around here. That was a joke! You got a tough crowd," Givens told Cosby.

"Well if you're funny it is," Cosby said.

Cosby did show his funny side. But people also got to learn about the philanthropist. Cosby isn't getting paid for his two shows in Birmingham, and all of the money raised will go to scholarships for Miles College students.

A video played before the show detailing the importance of supporting college scholarships. According to the video, two thirds of all black college seniors drop out of college for financial reason, [a] vast majority second semester seniors.

Cosby told FOX6 that instead of writing a check to the school, he'd rather use his celebrity to raise money to help those students who want to further their education.

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