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CR 12: Super-sized shirts in Andalusia

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Construction crews in Andalusia are working hard to restore an old building. Soon it'll be home to the chamber of commerce.   This building sits on some land in Covington County, that in some way, has touched almost every family in the area.  The old Alatex plant used to be there.  "This was the economic engine that drove Andalusia," said Andalusia mayor Earl Johnson.    "Thousands of people worked for them for 70 years, they mainly produced men's dress shirts."

Wherever we stopped in town, folks had some kind of family tie to the old Alatex plant.  "My mother in law worked here 30-years, my mom 23 years, and my wife 13-years," said construction worker Terry Leddon.  

The plant was such a huge part of everyone's life and the mayor has a big idea to make sure nobody forgets it.   Right now along River Falls St. you can see three huge shirts close to the road.   These are just models, the real one won't be put up until September.  "You will see a giant shirt, 8 feet across the shoulders, 14 feet in length, on a 40 foot pole," said the mayor.  He's hoping this gives shoppers and tourists another reason to stop and spend some time in Andalusia.

The super-sized shirt, new chamber of commerce building, and an exhibit that details the history of Alatex will be unveiled Labor Day weekend in September.

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