Apple settles iPhone 4 lawsuit; will reimburse many consumers - Montgomery Alabama news.

Apple settles iPhone 4 lawsuit

Apple is preparing to reimburse many of its iPhone 4 users after they complained of reception troubles on the popular phones.

Apple settled a class-action lawsuit filed about the issue, in which it promised to pay $15 to everyone in the U.S. who owns the phone. Consumers can alternatively opt for a free case.

When the smartphone came out nearly two years ago, it was a huge seller, but some owners began complaining of frequently dropped calls.

An investigation by Apple determined the problem was due to the antenna. At the time, users were offered a free case to fix the problem.

More than 21 million iPhone 4 owners are eligible for the payout.

CNN reports that eligible customers should get an emails from Apple at some point in April.

A website called has been set up, but is not yet activated.

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