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Deluxe Gopher Tool - "Does it Work?"


If you have ever wished for an extra few feet in your arms or legs so you can reach things, then your wish may have come true.  Well sort of.  The Deluxe Gopher Pick Up and Reaching tool may help add an extra three feet to the end of your arm, if it works!

The box reads, "When something's out of reach...just Gopher it".  That's some clever packaging for a clever little device.  It has a squeeze trigger handle which opens and closes the rubber suction cup grips at the other end.  It boasts that it will add about three feet to your reach, but the length of the Gopher measures four inches short of the three foot mark.  The opening between the gripping cups is just over four inches wide.  The Gopher collapses in the middle for easy storage.

To test the Gopher, I've assembled a variety of items from cups to spices, a TV remote to some free weights to name a few.  The idea is to test how well the Gopher conforms to the varying shapes and sizes, as well as the weight of the items.

I try grabbing the drink containers first.  The gopher quickly conforms to grasp and support the shapes and weights of the plastic cup, soda can, and ceramic mug with modest pressure on the trigger.  The trigger is sensitive enough to hold and maneuver this water filled Styrofoam cup without breaking it.

I need to be creative on some of the oddly shaped items.  I find picking up the sugar by the base is best to support its weight.  Items like wax paper and the TV remote are within reach now too.  I can grab small items like the spices with no trouble.  The ketchup, while heavy, is manageable using both hands for support.

Trouble comes with the cook book though, since its glossy finish makes it impossible for the suction cups to secure a grip.  The snack bar box is simply too wide to fit between the grasping cups.  As for weight, the Gopher can hold the three pound free weight, but five pounds stresses the tool, and I fear eight pounds may break the tool at the plastic elbow.

The tool works great for lifting high and grabbing low without the need to bend.  It can help snag the lost remote from under the couch too.  I find it works well when I use it to replace high light bulbs.

Although the Deluxe Gopher Pick Up and Reaching tool has size and weight restrictions, it does work well on a majority of household items, grabbing a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  The Deluxe Gopher cost us about $10 at a local store.

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