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Alabama cattle farmers enjoying record high beef prices

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It may not be great news for consumers, but beef cattle prices are reaching record highs in Alabama this year.  Tonight at 10, we'll take a close look at what's behind the trend and what it will mean the next time you shop for a steak, roast or hamburger meat.

A bill to ban texting while driving cleared its first hurdle in the Alabama legislature.  But some lawmakers contend penalties attached to the bill should be more severe.  We'll tell you the amount of the proposed fines.

We'll also introduce you to a man who says he smoked marijuana 20 minutes before our interview with him over a bill in the legislature to approve medical marijuana in Alabama.

Country Crossing developer Ronnie Gilley was back on the stand for the fourth day in the State House corruption trial today.  But the questioning moved from his relationship with Victoryland owner Milton McGregor to other defendants.

And, do you think $20 could change your life?  We'll meet a woman who says after receiving a $20 "Cash for Kindness" gas award, things turned around for her in a dramatic way.

Plus the latest on what could be a stormy Thursday night and Friday in our part of the state.

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