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Farmers celebrate skyrocketing beef prices

Raising cattle comes easy for Garry Henry.

He's been at it for 30 years, but admits this season is unlike any other.

"We've never seen prices quite this high," he says.

Henry says recent droughts forced many of his fellow cattle farmers out of the business.

Now, there are fewer cattle in the market to sell--which means the value of his herd suddenly skyrocketed.

"Selling 600 to 700 lb. animals for a $1.54 a pound.  Last year this time we were selling 600 to 700 lb. animals for a $1.10-$1.15 a pound."

You might think that means Henry is making money, but with rising feed and fuel prices?

"What's left over at the end of the day is not a whole lot different."

Farmers may not be the only ones affected by record cattle prices.  You may be, too.

"You're going to see an escalation in the price at the grocery store," says Henry.

Some people already have--like Jacqueline Trimble. The last time she went shopping for beef?

"The sale was half price and it was $7.99 a pound, which meant the regular price was about $15 a pound and that seemed a lot higher than I'm used to paying."

Unfortunately, farmers say most row crops are higher, too.

"We've noticed everything else in agriculture going up," says Florida resident Richard Waldrop.

It's a reality folks will have to deal with as farmers' costs of doing business continue to climb.

Henry says the average American farmer feeds roughly 150 people.

He admits he's raising more cattle now than he ever has before--mainly because fewer farmers exist.

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