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Pre-abortion ultrasound law moves ahead


The State Senate's Health Committee moved through a bill that would require women to get an ultrasound before receiving an abortion.  But the one of the types of ultrasounds required in the bill is causing some controversy.

The "Right to See and Know" Act would require abortion providers to conduct an ultrasound on a woman and talk her through that ultrasound- pointing out the parts of a fetus.

'"About 95 percent of the time that clinics do this, the mother chooses to keep the child," said the bill's sponsor, Rep. Clay Scofield, R- Guntersville.

The bill requires the traditional ultrasound and/or a procedure that's invasive or probing.  The bill's supporters said the probe allows for an accurate image of the fetus. But Sen. Linda Coleman of Birmingham said the law takes away choice from women. 

"I don't feel that we need to go to these type of measures," Sen. Coleman said. "We're stepping into the shoes into making a decision that's between a woman and her doctor."

"We have to educate the person that's doing it," said Sen. Paul Bussman, R-Cullman.  "If you're going to have an abortion, that's an invasive procedure."

Coleman cited the ongoing controversy in Virginia about a similar bill.  The governor there pulled his support for it unless the invasive ultrasound requirement is removed.

But Alabama's bill did make it through the committee.  Sen., Scofield did say he was open to changes to the bill before it's considered on the Senate floor.

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