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Bacon Wave - "Does it Work?"

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It's been said that everything's better with bacon, right?  But, we know that bacon isn't the healthiest food out there.  What if there was an easier and healthier way to make bacon?  We may have found that product.  It's called the Bacon Wave and it promises delicious and healthy bacon, from your microwave.

The Bacon Wave may not only take the mess of the frying pan out of the mix, but it can also keep your bacon from sitting in the grease while it cooks, making it healthier.  The pan is made of thick dishwasher safe plastic, with slots to hold fourteen slices.  Two skewers slide through the end pillars, securing the bacon while it cooks.

I have two pounds of bacon to use for our test: a regular thickness cut maple bacon and thick cut bacon.  To get started, I just need to pen the bacon and start stacking the slices in the Bacon Wave slots.   Once complete, I just skewer the ends and place it in the microwave for the prescribed time.

I first try to shove fourteen maple bacon slices into the slots to reach capacity.  It says to push the excess bacon to the center leaving a little hanging of both ends.  There's just too much bacon here to accomplish that, so after I slide my skewers in I trim the ends with scissors.  The guide calls for about eight minutes in the microwave. 

I watch the bacon cook and I notice the bacon shrinks as it cooks.  This lifts it from the tray bottom, and away from the drippings.  I stop the microwave with a minute left because the bacon looks cooked, and it is.  I drain the grease first, and then I extract the bacon from the skewers.

Next, I fill the bacon wave to half capacity with seven thick slices, squishing the excess to the middle as prescribed.  The seven slices cook in only three and a half minutes.  Again, the bacon tightens and grease drips below.  I easily remove the skewers to snag the bacon, and now I have a plate full of cooked bacon, with much less grease than if cooked in a pan.

I take my bacon around the office for a taste test.

"Ooh, I like this and it's not even crunchy.  I usually like crunchy bacon," John Shryock says.

Sally Pitts comments, "That's good bacon."

"Tastes really good actually," says Kadie Crowell.

Chase Tidwell just says, "Mmmmm…."

These are clearly all good reviews, but I have a few notes.  The edges on the maple bacon are a bit gnarled and dried from overcooking.  There is minimal splatter mess in the microwave.  It says to wash by hand, but that's a task so I'd stick to the dishwasher.  Overall, the bacon cooks fully and is just as tasty without all the grease.  The bacon wave sizzles to a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  The bacon wave ran us a bill of $9 at a local store.

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