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Budget cuts could end half of DHR's programs....

Would you believe 200,000 children in Alabama could lose their state benefits? The legislature has asked DHR to tell it what would happen if the department's budget were slashed by 25%.  Tonight at 10, we'll talk with DHR's Commissioner to find out which programs are in jeopardy.

A 9-year old girl is dead after being forced to run around her house for 3 hour without stopping...punishment for eating candy while riding home on the school bus.  Now the child's grandmother and stepmother are charged with murder.

Time's running out for African American farmers and their heirs to qualify for a portion of a $1.25 Billion settlement to a federal lawsuit.  These they must show they were part of the group unlawfully denied loans that would have helped them stay in business.

And, Country Crossing developer Ronnie Gilley got a little hot under the collar during questioning in the state house corruption trial today.  We'll tell you what upset him.

Plus highlights of the high school basketball Regional competition here at the ASU Acadome, Auburn baseball and NASCAR news, too.

Hope you'll join us at 10.

See you on the set!

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