The prosecution rests in the State House corruption trial... - Montgomery Alabama news.

The prosecution rests in the State House corruption trial...

Hello from the newsroom!  Hope you stayed dry during this stormy day. Can you believe how the temperature dropped so quickly after the storms?

Downtown at the Federal Courthouse, the prosecution wrapped up its case against the six defendants in the State House corruption trial.  The big question now...will the defense even call any witnesses? Last time lawyers for the key defendants rested without putting anyone on the stand.  We'll tell you when we'll know since Judge Myron Thompson has given the lawyers a deadline to let him know how they'll proceed.

We'll have a report on high speed police chases.  There have been a couple in Montgomery in the last two weeks.  We'll talk about what to do if you find yourself caught up in one of those pursuits.

Then the story a lot of people are talking about - a woman watched helplessly as a man shot her family's dog three times.  She says the dog was not threatening the man who fired on "Raven" while she stood in the front yard of the family's home in north Montgomery.

Plus, Rich Thomas updates the cooler days and colder nights ahead before our next chance of rain moves in.

Hope you have a great weekend.

See you on the set at 10.

Bob H.

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