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11th Circuit Court of Appeals to hear arguments on Alabama's new immigration law

BIRMINGHAM,AL (WBRC) - The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta is scheduled to hear arguments Thursday from the state and federal government over Alabama's new immigration law, also known as HB56.

The state of Alabama should get a sense of what parts of the state's new immigration law are most likely to stand, and which parts may never be enforced based upon the questions asked by the three-judge panel.

The panel will include Judge Charles Wilson, nominated by President Clinton, Judge Beverly Martin, nominated by President Obama, and visiting Judge Richard Voorhees, nominated by President Reagan.

The state and federal government, along with outside groups including the Southern Poverty Law Center, will have 30 minutes to make oral arguments and answer the judges questions at the court Thursday.

Judge Sharone Lovelace Blackburn's ruling last fall allowed the state to enforce major portions of the law including verifying students immigration status at school. The appeals court later temporarily stopped it but the state will be asking to lift that stay.

The State will also ask the appeals court to allow it to enforce parts of the law that Blackburn stopped, such as making it illegal for illegal aliens to enroll in public colleges or making it illegal to hire someone off the side of the road for work.

Opponents of the law will ask the appeals court to stop parts of the law that did go into
effect, including a provision that requires you to carry proof of citizenship at all times.

Opponents will also ask to stop part of the law that requires law enforcement officers to verify citizenship if a person is stopped for a traffic violation and the officer has a reasonable suspicion that person may be in the country illegally.

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