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CR 12: River Region Rollergirls

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Remember the good old days of roller skating.  You'd lace up your skates, glide around the rink to some of your favorite songs, and every once in a while take a spill.   For the most part it was a non contact event, unless you crashed into a person nearby on accident.

Well today things are a little different.  In fact for one group, crashing into others is a good thing.  They're called the River Region Rollergirls.  It's a local roller derby team made up of all women.   "It's for girls of all ages," said team captain Lyra Stephens.   "A lot of the girls don't event know how to skate when they start with us."  

So how did these stay at home moms and working ladies get into roller derby?   "I've always been sort of a tomboy, with a competitive mindset," said skater Jody Popham.   "Even when I'm with my husband, whether we are playing hacky sack or soccer, I gotta win."  "Some of us are really girly, but not me," Stephens said.  "You don't have to be a tomboy but it kind of turns you into one."

As rough as they are on skates, these ladies have some kind hearts too.  These roller derby teams are non profit groups, and each one supports a different charity.  "I have a son who has autism, he's six years old," Stephens said.   So this group is skating for a charity called Askate out of Birmingham.   It puts on skateboard clinics for kids with autism. 

They just had a recent bout to raise money their charity.  Even if you missed it you can help too.  Check out their Facebook page for more information. 

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